Wooden Puzzle - blocks
  • Wooden Puzzle - Blocks
  • Wooden Puzzle - blocks
  • wooden Puzzle - blocks

Wooden Puzzle - Blocks

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This wooden puzzle will be a perfect first puzzle for your little one. 

Puzzles are loved by everyone. The sense of satisfaction one gets after completing a puzzle is immense. Then why stop our little masters from solving one? 

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These simple block puzzles are designed with a very simple purpose to help them understand the concept of puzzle solving. This toy comes with benefits unlimited

·       It aids hand eye coordination

·       It helps with fine and gross motor development

·       It boosts cognitive development and problem solving skills

·       The contrasting color of each block will give clarity and isolates one shape from another

·       It can be used for learning shapes.

·       Creativity is limitless. Children can use these as their first building blocks as well.

Age: 1yr+


Data sheet

2 cm
15 cm
500 gms
Recommended Age
Medium Density Fiberboard
15 cm

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